Givling Ends 2019 With $5 Million In Crowdfunding Awards

Gamified Crowdfunding Leader Hits Another Student Loan Milestone

JACKSON, Wyoming, Jan 2, 2020 – Givling, Inc., the world's biggest trivia crowdfunding game for student loan and mortgage debt, announced today that the company topped the $5 million mark in crowdfunding and trivia awards the last week of 2019.

Emily Gumbulevich of Boston, MA, had the honors of putting Givling over the $5 million mark with a $50,000 award.

Gumbulevich, who graduated from LeHigh University and leads a product team at Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX), said this about her student loan situation, "I still ended up pretty deep in a hole. No matter how much I paid towards my loans, the interest seemed to make it impossible to lower the balance."

Added Gumbulevich, "Thank you so much for this opportunity Givling. I am so grateful!"

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About Givling The Trivia Crowdfunding Game

Givling is the world's biggest trivia crowdfunding game, aiding those with student loan and mortgage debt since 2015. To date over $5 million in funding has been awarded. Givling offers a variety of ways for the student loan community to play for free, including Free$50K and Free$10K award games.