Katie Couric Tweeted by Katie Couric: "What if you could say bye-bye to your student debt just by playing a trivia game."

Givling is a very simple idea: merge crowd funding with a game to solve a major financial problem and reward the funders for their generosity.
The idea of Givling springs from the sum of my life experiences. You never know where life is going to lead. I look back and can see the many threads of my life that have been woven together to create Givling.
I came from a family that didn’t want for anything. My father was the embodiment of the American Dream: a very poor, smart, kid, who got an electrical engineering degree from his local college because of the GI Bill. He was the first person in his lineage to graduate from college, and he was a success.
Because of my father’s impoverished youth, he frequently donated lots of money, anonymously, through the parish priest, to families who had fallen on hard times. If a family had no money for food or bills, groceries would be delivered or utilities paid. My father’s willingness to help people unconditionally was always the template for me.
I graduated from Stanford University, loan-free. I had everything going for me, but because of a swindle by the manager of our business, my first-husband and I lost everything. Our car was repossessed. We were evicted from a house we rented. The bank was after us for loan payments. All the vendors who hadn’t been paid by the manager were hounding us. The IRS was after us too, because the manager absconded with the bank funds for the payroll taxes. We won a court case against the manager and felt totally vindicated; but the manager declared bankruptcy the next day. There were no funds to recover, but at least the vendors and IRS now left us alone.
After our victorious trial, my husband and I divorced. The financial stress was too much for our marriage to weather. I declared bankruptcy because I had no other choice. I had a small son and I didn’t see any other way to crawl out of that debt. One morning, I woke up and realized that I could qualify for welfare assistance, but I also realized that if I could fall into such a deep, dark, humiliating financial hole, then anyone could.
Thankfully, I had the support of my understanding father to help me slowly get back on my feet. My dreams had fallen apart, but because of the luck of my birth, my life didn’t disintegrate to the point of no return. I recovered because people helped me. I get it. I have no right to judge. I was there.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and life ended up being very good to me. I married a second time. My husband and I retired when I was in my forties. Givling happened because one day, I was reading that Congress had passed a law forbidding student debt holders from declaring bankruptcy. Donald Trump, I, gamblers, the manager that swindled me—we all declared bankruptcy. How could it be against the law for a student loan holder to declare bankruptcy, simply because he/she bought into the American dream of a college education?
There is a huge trillion-dollar wrong that needs to be corrected. So I convinced my husband to invest our savings in finding the solution, and three friends also believed and invested with us. Thank you. I am also thankful for the commitment, sacrifice and vision of our Givling team and I’m very grateful for the collaboration and partnership with my son Preston, the creative mind behind Givling.
Givling is the platform to do the type of direct good my Dad did: on a giant scale.
Givling is your platform. Spread the word and make Givling a powerful force for change and happiness. You can pay off as many loans and create as many millionaires as you want. Spread love. Spread the word.
Lizbeth Pratt
February 2015
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