Frequently Asked Questions

What is Givling?
Givling is the trivia game that awards significant cash prizes while simultaneously crowdfunding the payoff of student loans and mortgages.

Your first two rounds every day are free.

Funding comes from users who pay-to-play Givling, advertising and sponsorship revenue.
How does the game work?
Find out how the game works by following this link.
What happens if my Givling trivia game is interrupted?
If your Givling Trivia game is interrupted then your game is voided and you will lose your coin or free play. Givling Trivia games are interrupted if you accept a phone call, lock your phone or close the Givling app in the middle of a game.
Why should I be interested in rising to the top of the Green or Orange Queue?
If you rise to the top of the Queue Leaderboard and your loan is the next to be funded, then you can use the $50,000 we crowdfund for you to pay off a student loan, a mortgage, or a Givling approved investment fund. Alternatively, you can direct that the funding be given to someone else for these purposes.
How do I get to the top of the Queue to get my loan paid off?
Collect Queue Points. The person with the most Queue Points at the time we have an opening in the Queue, moves into the funding recipient position. Collect Queue Points, QP, by interacting with ads, buying coins, playing your FreePlays, participating in sponsorship offers, or meeting group goals.

You have two spots working their way up the Queue towards the top.  One position is in the competitive Queue, that calculates all your Queue Points.  The second position is in the less-competitive Queue which determines your position based on all Queue Points except Givling coin and merchandise QPs. Once you reach the top and become the current funded loan, your other Queue position is eliminated.
Why do I play with two other random people?
Givling is all about people working together to make the world a better place, and we feel that having teams work together to win symbolizes this ethos. #WinningTogether. Also, the team play adds a really fun dimension to the game as you are competing with and against your team members at the same time to claim the biggest cut of the funds. If you’re a whiz at current events, you’re going to need someone to help you with the 18th Century American History statements! But the coolest thing about the random team play, is that every time you initiate a round of Givling you’re also included in at least one, perhaps two more games as a passive team member which means you have more opportunities to be part of a winning team.
How are the statements generated? Does the difficulty change?
Statements are compiled by several Givling employees, gathered from newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, textbooks, and broadcast media. Two people review each statement before it is approved for the game. The statements are a combination of historical facts, current events facts, and general knowledge facts. The difficulty of the statements varies greatly.

The statements are held in a database and retrieved randomly, so there is no preset order in which they get presented.

If you find an incorrect statement, send us an evidential link and we'll give you three coins as a reward once we verify.
How long do I have to answer a statement?
You have 10 seconds. If you pause the game at any time, by any means at all, this will be detected, and anything you answer outside the normal answering time of 10 seconds will be treated as incorrect and you will get a strike, regardless of whether your answer is right or wrong.
How old do you have to be to play?
Eighteen years or older.
How do I get the money if I win?
We contact you within 24-hours of your win. We pay you via BillPay with a check. If you win over $500, we are required by law to collect your tax identification or Social Security number, along with your address so that we can file a 1099 with the IRS in January.
How do I win a cash prize?
Play Givling! 45% of all money raised, after ad commissions and payment processing fees, funds the cash prize. The prize will be awarded to the three-member funding team that has the highest score at the end of the play period, designated by the countdown clock on the app. The cash award is divided equally among the three members of the team.
How are the crowd funding proceeds divided?
After payment processing and ad commission charges: 45% of money raised pays off the loans in the Queue, 45% of money raised goes to the cash reward for the trivia game. 10% goes to run Givling.
How does the daily Free Play work?
Everyone gets two Free Plays for every 24-hour period. Freeplays are available just after midnight Mountain Time. Free Plays do not accumulate. So if you miss one day of playing Givling, the next time you show up to play, previous days' unused Free Plays will not be there.
What is the cost to play?
Givling only charges 50 cents to play a round and you must purchase a Givling Coin in advance of play. You can buy a single coin or multiple coins, but know that for each purchase 30 cents is added by PayPal/Braintree as a transaction charge. So if you buy one coin, that will effectively cost you 80 cents a coin, but ten coins will cost you 53 cents per coin. The more coins you purchase the lower your coin cost.
Is this a non-profit?
Givling is a for-profit corporation, yet 90% of all funds raised (after PayPal/Braintree fees and sales commissions) are given away and 10% goes to Givling.
Why doesn't Givling have subject categories?
We don't want to have experts win every time. Our objective with Givling is to make the playing field as level as possible, and not having categories is one way to achieve this. Regular players of Givling have wildly divergent scores from play to play, and they enjoy that. Givling is a challenge and anything but predictable. Don't let having a low score bother you. People win with a zero score.
How do I post an image for my gravatar?
Go to “Edit Account” and click on the avatar icon to upload a photo.
What happens if there is a tie between teams at the end of the game play period?
The First Place winners of the tied teams, will be contacted by Givling to schedule a monitored, "sudden death" play off via the Challenge A Friend function on the Givling app.
Why didn't I receive the group goal bonus?
You must have COMPLETED a FreePlay or coin initiated game during the 24-hour goal period, based on a 24-hour day in mountain time, in order to earn the bonus.  Games that are not played to completion or games that are interrupted do not qualify.
Why doesn't my ranking always match up with the game leaderboard?
Your ranking is your highest team score for the current game period. The game leaderboard is a listing of the top 100 games based on team score for the current game period. Because game scores can have ties and users can play multiple games in a game period, your current ranking may be higher than where your game is ordered within the game leaderboard.