Official Rules of Play

  1. Trivia helps crowdfund Givlings. Anyone can play trivia. In fact, the more, the merrier.
  2. Everyone gets two free plays of trivia every 24 hours, made available at midnight, Mountain time.
  3. Additional trivia games are available when you crowdfund Givling coins. Crowdfund one coin for $0.50 (plus PayPal/Braintree fees) to play one additional game of trivia.
  4. Givling Trivia is a team game. Each time you play, you are teamed up with two anonymous teammates.
  5. You independently answer general-purpose trivia statements True or False within a 10-second time limit.
  6. You may see that you start with some points already on the board. These points are from your two anonymous teammates that have recently completed their games. Your score plus theirs equals your team score.

  7. You'll get bonus points if you surpass either of your teammates' scores.
  8. Each incorrect answer is a strike. You get three strikes in each game.
  9. If you answer your phone or stop the game before the round is over, that round will be voided and you will forfeit your freeplay or coin play.
  10. Each team plays for a trivia award or Queue Points. (You can find the award amount in either the Givling Message center or on the Trivia Leaderboard.) The highest scoring team when the countdown clock hits zero is the top trivia team. Trivia award or Queue Points are divided equally between team members. Second and Third Place teams will split some Queue Points, too.
  11. As long as there are questions available, you can play as many times as you like to strive for higher scores. However, you can only play on one account. If you play on more than one account, we reserve the right to ban you from Givling.
  12. If there is a tie for fifth place, then the team who first registered the winning score will receive the award.